The MAGNIficent

The MAGNIficient is an expedition length adventure race in the South island of New Zealand. It is put on by FEAR in collaboration with bendracing, and is part of the ARWS. Up for grabs is a free entry into the Adventure Racing World Champs in Canada, among other things.

The first edition will be held (tentative) from January 25-Feb 2, 2025. More details and registration opportunities will be forthcoming. To declare your interest* click HERE.  

Here are a few quick facts. More details coming eventually.

Wait, that's it?  Yep. That's it. 

We at FEAR like to keep things simple. Our partners over at BEND are a tad more of the rah-rah media mogul types. It's a bit of yin-yang perfection really.  If you've come here looking for glossy images and a sales pitch, well, you won't find it. That's not our style. Head over to the bendracing website (link above) for all of that whetting of your appetite business, then come back here when you're good and hungry. 

*When you declare your interest you'll be put on an email list which will be given an opportunity to register for the event 48 hours before the general registration opens. If more than 50 teams declare an interst, you may still not be guaranteed a spot. Of the 50 spots available during this 'pre-registration' period, 10 will be reserved for international teams. Once general registration opens however any unfilled international spots will be open for anyone.