At fearsociety, we tend to do things a little differently. And we like endurance (it's in our name). So when we decided to host a climbing competition, well...yeah, it's a bit out of the ordinary. 

If you've seen the flier, you know there are going to be two 'main events' and two fun events.  Here are the details:

'Pump' style competition (Saturday)

Climbers will face 6 stations (3 boulder, 3 lead) over the course of an hour, with a choice of 'Easy' (16-19/V0-2), Medium, (20-22/V3-5) and Hard (23-25+/V6+) routes at each one.  Climbers score points depending on the difficulty of the route chosen and how high up the route(s) they progress.  Climbers have 4 minutes at each station with 4 minutes rest between them, with 1 minute transitions between. Point totals are used to increase a climber's chance of winning some of our top prizes, but there are no guarantees! All climbers go into the draw to win.

Lead Final (Sunday)

Top scorers from Saturday's Lead categories will have the opportunity to tackle the gym's longest route  on Sunday afternoon, with cash prizes for top performances!

But that's not all folks...we are planning a few more ways to have fun, including:

That's it. We'll add more details as to the schedule, a link to sign up (coming soon at the top of this page), and other details on prizes, food and drink, etc, as they become available.  In the meantime, rouse your crew and plan your trip.  Send it!