big hollyday details

Note: this page will leave plenty of stuff out. Some of it will be filled in as we get closer to the event date.  An email communication will be sent to all participants roughly a week before the race. If you have questions before then, just ask 'em. 


Cost: $50-100+ (approx) per team.  This will include tracking devices and a post race meal, but not camping fees.

Categories:  We'll separate categories based on whether teams use a double packraft or two single packrafts.  Depending on the number of teams, we may also differentiate based on gender makeup of teams.

Recommended gear:  Beyond the obvious of packraft kit (including suitable pfd), each team will be expected to carry 

Risks management:  Teams are expected to look after themselves and each other on the course.  Mandatory checkpoints will NOT have food for racers and will only be virtual checkpoints where  teams will check in via InReach.

Other than the required checkpoints there is no prescribed route. Racers can choose to run or packraft along the length as they see fit, depending on weather and the lake and river conditions.  These decisions are up to teams and teams must use their own judgement at all times when making decisions about route choice, river crossings, and whether to paddle or not.  All foot travel should be on marked track, although getting lost is still a possibility, and teams should know how to use their GPS in order to minimize this possibility.  Teams may encounter seals along the Martin's Bay--Big Bay leg of the course, and these should be given wide berth. 

Ultimately teams must manage their own safety along the course as if they were undertaking the effort independently.   For those new to the area, we recommend doing some research regarding the optimal route, route options, etc.  Please get in touch if you need information about the area, as fearsociety can provide plenty of advice for those choosing to participate in the event.

Post race: Post race details are tentative at this time as the 2020 flood damage is still being assessed and repaired. Suffice to say it will be a low key finish typical of other fearsociety events.

Camping/Accomodation: There is plenty of accommodation in Te Anau, including camping options. In the event pre-race logistics move closer to the start, this will be communicated leading up to the event. 

Didymo: Didymo is present in both the lower Hollyford and the Pyke river watersheds.  This means that after the race your boat must be thoroughly 'checked, cleaned, and dried' to prevent taking the aquatic weed to other rivers when you use it next.