bigger events

Our bigger events are challenging, low budget, grassroots affairs. We do not offer prizes for participation other than congratulations.  Essential details for each event are provided on the specific event page. Direct communication via email will be made to members choosing to participate in an event as the scheduled event date approaches. Feel free to ask questions. Events that have limited capacity will require prepayment of event cost to secure a spot. NOTE--events listed in this section are open to annual members only.  Day members are not eligible to participate in our bigger events. 

Active events are listed below, with bolded events indicating those being run during the current year (June-May).  Historic and proposed events are listed as noted at the bottom of this page. 


big hollyday 

longest waterfall 

Taki Traverse 

it's Earl's fault

WTF^3 (aka WTFFF)


a pair of swims

a real NZ mountain marathon


swimrun fun

a steep run


a great run

from Dusky til dawn