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Note: this page will leave plenty of stuff out. Some of it will be filled in as we get closer to the event date.  An email communication will be sent to all participants roughly a week before the race. If you have questions before then, just ask 'em. 

This should be an ideal lead in for GodZone or True West or whatever other expedition AR you might be planning. The course will be challenging, remote and not for the faint hearted. It will also suit those wanting an adventure that goes beyond the level of larger events.  



Cost: Varies, but usually  around $100 per team (includes tracker hire and 2 sets of maps) plus $40 per person (post race meal and transport from finish line to start line). Camping/accommodation costs are not included. We are trying to keep the cost low, but will include a nice post-event meal to help support local businesses.  As part of FEAR, this event, outside of member fees, is run on a cost recovery basis. 

 Categories:  Teams of 2 minimum.  We will differentiate based on all male or co-ed. 

 Recommended gear:  Beyond the obvious of packraft kit (including suitable pfd), each team will be expected to carry 

If you are unsure of what gear to carry, use the GodZone mandatory gear list as a minimum, and maybe consider if your skills are up for this type of remote event. Remember you need to manage your own safety, and carrying an extra layer of warm clothing will weigh little, but could be lifesaving. 

Risks management:  There will be no volunteer presence in remote sections of the course.  Egress points will be identified during the pre-race meeting after maps are released, but these egress options may include long waits for extraction and/or walking back to civilization on more well-trodden tracks. 

Travel between checkpoints will be by routes which are at the discretion of the team in most circumstances, and teams must use their own judgement at all times when making decisions about route choice, river crossings, and whether to paddle or not.  There will be non-insignificant portions of the race that involve off track travel. Weather conditions and water conditions can vary dramatically. Expect moving water up to class III.  

 Ultimately teams must manage their own safety along the course as if they were undertaking the effort independently, and respond to any emergency involving serious injury accordingly.  A strong self-rescue ethic should be maintained by all participants. 

 Camping: Host location will be announced leading up to the race. Camping/accommodation costs will be the responsibility of teams and is not included in event cost.