war history

Episode 1: "Open Hart Surgery" June 2019 Location: Hart's Hill South Groups: 14 Cleared: 4

A good introduction to fiordland bush navigation on the iconic Hart's hill. Lots of locals and a few non-locals. Some people got lost. Everyone got found again.


Episode 2: "Hartless" July 2019 Location: Hart's Hill North Groups: 14 Cleared: 5

Another great day out. Legend Tom Lucas arrived from Queenstown and made it look easy. Plenty of locals who were rookies during episode 1 came back out and made it look hard (which it was!). All of them showed noticeable improvement.


Episode 3: "Heart of my Harts" Aug 2019 Location: Hart's Hill Center Groups: 15 Cleared: 6

Even more fun because we made it longer. And because of the canyons. And maybe for some the near death experiences. If I recall the weather was pretty good too.


Episode 4: "In Short Supply" June 2020 Location: Supply Bay Groups: 23 Cleared: 9

A huge turnout for the season opener! Lots of familiar faces and a few new ones. Heaps of improvement from the returnees, which shows that practice does indeed yield results, even in bush navigation (who'd have guessed?). Less elevation gain this time around, but some tricky points that required holding a bearing for way too long. And then there was the checkpoint on the island...


Episode 5: "Feel the Burn" July 2020 Location: Forest Burn Groups: 19 Cleared: 4

A great course set by Adrian with a 'low line' and a 'high line' and a few challenges in between, including a possible unexpected magnetic fluctuation that made one of the hard points even harder. A good eye-opener for those new to WAR, and more soggy and scrappy sadistic goodness for those coming back for second (or third) helpings.


Episode 6: "Birthday Boy(d)" August 2020 Location: Boyd Creek Groups: 33 Cleared: 9

A slightly longer course in an area new to most. A cracker day that ended with cake and mulled wine. Lots of families, lots of out of towners, and lots of loyal locals made for a great mix and fun finish-line vibe. Apparently we might need to start printing more maps. Who'd have thought.


Episode 7: "A Day at the Beach" July 2021 Location: Hart's Hill North Groups: 44 Cleared: 9

A late start to a shortened season (due to climbing wall shenanigans), but a good start none-the-less. Some good performances by all, including youth.


Episode 8: "The Inner Circle" Sept 20201 Location: Kiwi Burn Groups: 29 Cleared: 12

A brand new area with no ferns. A fast course according to orienteering god P.G. Harder than usual according to teaching god V.F. After consensus, we've decided that possum carcasses do not make suitable checkpoints. Lesson learned. Delayed 3 weeks due to our friend, Covid-19.