fearyouth is a group of young athletes supported by and associated with the fearsociety.  From a humble start which involved some local 14 and 15 year olds showing up to our rogaine events and smashing them out, it has evolved into a proper squad with big ambitions and a plan for the future.  The squad is mentored in all aspects of endurance and adventure sport, is able to take advantage of our supplier discounts and partnerships in terms of getting top quality gear, gets significant discounts on annual membership to fee and reduced event costs, and has a structure set up such that the older members of the squad also serve as role models to support the growth of newer or younger members.  FEAR also offers financial support towards the entry and participation cost of select high profile events, and provided guidance in further fundraising. As of the end of the 2022 event season the squad has 6 Senior members.  They are:

Fynn Mitchell

Molly Spark

Dean Stewart

Zac Pearson

Josiah Murphy

Josh Pearson

The squad's accomplishments and event history can be found HERE

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If you want information about what membership entails, or to join fearyouth, click HERE.