WTF stands for 'wilderness traverse (of) fiordland'. What did you think it stood for?! Ok, there might be times during the event where that fits too.  This is part of our SCAR series as well, but feels more like an adventure race than the big hollyday because of the numerous route choices.  Teams of two to four will trek and paddle their way from a start somewhere in fiordland to a finish line somewhere else (or, occasionally, in the same place).  The course distances will vary from year to year but expect routes to be anywhere from 100 km (in shorter years) to 250+ km (in bigger ones).  GPS units are allowed in case you get lost, but most people aim to just use map and compass for navigation. Checkpoints are either actual CPs (orienteering flags), photo checkpoints or virtual checkpoints via satellite tracking technology.  We will help sort transportation so participants have their own vehicles at the finish line. 

This is Fiordland's one and only annual adventure race. Until we add another one. Enjoy.

Next WTF--March 1-5 (ish) 2024

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