taki traverse history

Episode 1: Oct 24-25, 2020.  Participants: 32  Fatalities: 0  Cases of UAVI: 1  Finishers: 12 

Umm...that was...interesting? Some type (II?) of fun? Easy(ish) if you're the world's best navigator (or happen to be a close personal friend)?  A large part of the field decided the high winds were a bit much and pulled the pin early.  For another good portion it took until the middle of the course for better judgement to kick in.  The rest--those who made it all the way--either simply lack better judgement completely, were incredibly stubborn, or are in a different league altogether from the person writing this history. Can't wait for next year!


Episode 2: Nov 2021.  Participants: ?!  Fatalities: 0 ?!  Finishers: most

We failed. Somehow the event was held, legends were made and we got so caught up in it all that we forgot to record them. Some people turned around. There was fresh snow to 900 meters and no visibility.  Yet somehow a camp IV marriage between a last minute entry and a lanky teen managed to send the whole thing in under 12 hours and then drank all the finish line beer. They were followed by a foursome of lads and lasses all under 20, who'd been cat and mousing around the gendarmes with another legend of Revenant Fame who found the whole enterprise rather entertaining.  All but one group made it through, though, meaning more knew what they were in for. Whew!

RESULTS (Umm--they don't exist)   REPLAY (Also doesn't exist, but if I can find one, maybe I can recreate the data. Hmmm...)