Membership is open to anyone and costs $100 a year plus a one time $20 sign-up fee.  Members can participate in any event or activity held by the society.  Events may have a small additional cost to cover actual event expenses only (hut fees, food, helicopter flights, etc.)  Membership fees cover all other society expenses (activity research and design, event equipment, administration, etc.)

All memberships will begin on July 1st and end on June 30th.  Membership costs are calculated so that participation in any ONE of our major events makes them more than worthwhile. If you do more than one of our events you're really getting some bang for your buck.  As the society grows, we will use our member base to leverage deals for members from retailers that make useful stuff like plasters and PLBs.  We're also working on a some exclusive member content--an online guide to some of Fiordland's best unknown endurance and adventure opportunities. Stay tuned.

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