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traverse details

Note--this page is tentative and subject to change as this is the inaugural year for this event.

  • pre-race meeting in Te Anau on Friday the 23rd of Oct.  Location and time TBD.
  • We'll sort out a shuttle arrangement so your vehicles are at the finish line.
  • We'll start early to maximize daylight on the sweet ridges.
Cost: $50+ pp.  This will include tracking devices, shuttle costs, and some post race grub.

Categories:  We recommend signing up in pairs, but will allow solo racers for this one.

Rules: We don't like rules per se, but in this case having one rule adds to the fun. So the 'rules' for this event are as follows--navigate your way from the start to the finish, passing two virtual CPs, A and B.  Between CPs A and B, a participant will have one hour added to their elapsed time for every instance that they drop below 1200 meters in elevation, except as noted below.*

Recommended gear:
  • a GPS with spare batteries (per person)
  • a head torch with spare batteries (per person)
  • space blanket or equivalent bivvy sack (per person)
  • Personal locator beacon (per team)
  • suitable clothes (including spare insulating layer)
  • enough food for your expected duration, plus a little spare
  • basic first aid kit (including any necessary 
  • firestarting gear suitable for starting damp wood (piece of bike tube, etc)
  • Tracking device (organized by fearsociety).
Risks management:  Teams are expected to look after themselves and each other on the course. We may have several virtual CPs that require participants to check in via the inReach.

There is only one route between the start and finish that stays above 1200 meters, but participants many need to choose another route depending on the conditions and their skill levels. Participants need to honestly assess their capabilities against the actual conditions and terrain when choosing a course.

*There are three huts within a few hundred vertical meters and a couple km from the ridge. These three huts are all accessible from roughly the middle 10 km of the proposed route, and offer the best opportunity for shelter and warmth, should such an opportunity be needed.  Dropping below 1200 meters to get to these huts will not incur a time penalty in the event reckoning, as long as the participant(s) return to the route at the same spot they left it.

Post race: Low key as always.  You'll find your car. Maybe a friendly face at the car park. And some food, probably just in a cooler. Maybe a cardboard sign congratulating you too. Hoo Ra!

Accommodation: There should be plenty of accommodation options in Te Anau given the state of the world. That being said, if you're wanting to do more than camp, you might want to book ahead as it is labour weekend.

  • Ask away! We'll answer.