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swimrun fun*

A varied swimrun challenge that charts a course from Te Anau to Manapouri via flat and moving water, trail running, coasteering, island hopping, and a bit of bush bashing.  If you've done Breca, this will be harder, scarier, and more dangerous by comparison. Expect 8-14 hours of fun* depending on fitness and conditions.  Standard swimrun rules (teams of two, swim aids allowed) will apply.  

A few aid stations might be provided along the course. If this is your first swim run and you finish, you get serious bragging rights.  If you are a champion swimrunner and you finish, you still get serious bragging rights. The fearsociety refuses to discriminate against champions. 

Next bit of fun*: Feb 29, 2020

*Be advised that fearsociety uses the word 'fun' to describe any of the three types of fun according to the fun scale, without differentiation between types. 

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