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longest waterfall history

For a full history of events on the longest waterfall, you'd need to go back a few decades to a old-school multi-sport race that included a jaunt down its length that took place more than a decade ago. I can't seem to find the name of it via google (shocking!) so will leave it steeped in mystery. Somewhere after this event had died, some 12 years ago, our president recruited a 16 year old Fiordland College student for a mission that ran the Teal Bay track, paddled the river, then ran out via the South Coast in 14.5 hours.  After that the river remained silent in terms of single-day multisport efforts, until...

GodZone, Chapter 7 in Fiordland. Woo Hoo!  

It jump-started the revitalization of the longest waterfall saga, which continues now with a biennial SCAR style loop race, the first edition of which is to be held in 2019.