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big hollyday history

Episode 1: Dec 16-17, 2017.  Participants: 22  Fatalities: 0  Injuries: 0  Finishers: 22  
Good Fiordland weather. Some rain. Some wind. Some sun.  Proper Fiordland rain set in on Sunday and hit some of the teams still on the course. The previous record of 22.5 hours (2016) was shattered by three teams, finishing in 18 hrs 10 minutes, 18 hours 33 minutes, and 18 hours 50 minutes respectively. One other team snuck in under the coveted sub 24 hour mark.  Several teams used single packrafts and spent hours in the mud on the pyke track.  Several teams fought the tide and lost. Several teams fought the sea lions at Martins bay and lost.  And it was unanimously agreed that paddling for hours in the front of the Gnu's was good fun.