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Pair of Swims History

The fast swim was first done as a proper swim in 2016 by FS president.  in 2017 it was held as an informal event under the Koha Racing banner.  The long swim was done as a trial by the president in 2017.  Both events were held more formally under the FS banner in 2018.

Episode 1 [Fast Swim] Feb 3rd, 2018.  Participants: 21  Fatalities: 0  Injuries: 1 (hypothermia)  Finishers: 20  
The water was LOW in the Waiau (0.44 m below normal) and everyone got to 'touch' something during their journey down it.  No one was seriously hurt though, and most agreed that it was pretty exciting to always think you were about to come face to face with a giant submerged boulder.  The temperature was relatively warm however, and it was a find day.  (Fun fact: The fastest time this year was nearly 30 minutes slower than the fastest result from 2017, when the river was over 2 meters higher.)  RESULTS

Episode 1: [Long Swim] Feb 4th, 2018.  Participants: 6  Fatalities: 0  Injuries: 0 Finishers: 6  
A great day on the water!  The field moved quickly across the lake (with a few extra swimmers joining for the first 3 km) and then into the river where most seemed to take it easy and 'float' through much of it, saving energy for the long haul in lake Manapouri.  A little NW'er picked up and pushed the swimmers home by the afternoon.  RESULTS